Commemorations are helpful given that we are forgetful people. There is a place for tracing back our roots—our history is our identity. However, celebrations like #Reformation500 might somehow give us a myopic view of Christian thought if we left ourselves unchecked.

We might fall into the error of thinking that whatever happened in the 16th century is all that Christianity is. If that is the case, I’d be a Lutheran, not Reformed. We should pay attention to the development of these great Christians doctrines after the Reformation period.

Also, we might commit the idolatry that is hero-worship; we look at them as if these great men are not sinners in need of grace. We should also remember that we don’t confess Luther or Calvin for they are fallible men; we confess the truth that God has revealed in the Bible.

Finally, we might get too enamoured with the past that we neglect the pressing needs of the present Church. Aside from our theological hobbyhorses, there are issues and problems that the Church faces today that we need to attend to. The Reformation indeed is an ongoing project.